Welcome to VfL Nuremberg

This site provides information about the Gymnastics Branch of the VfL Nuremberg.

VfL Nuremberg is a sports club which provides, besides gymnastics, branches for soccer, athletics (track & field), swimming, diving, triathlon, tennis, volleyball, skiing, karate and even a special offer for coronary rehabilitation. Orienteering is provided as a part of the gymnasics branch.

The club is located in Nuremberg, a town in the southern part of Germany. Nuremberg (German: Nürnberg) has about 500,000 inhabitants and is located about 200 km north of Munich and 400 km south of Berlin.

Since the content within this site is mainly of regional interest, the information is only provided in German. If you want to get more information or to share in our activities, feel free to contact Michael Voit by email or phone.